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Service #1
Coaching Program Consultant

Coaching Program Consultant

Coach Tina FJ is a highly-skilled and proven first-rate coaching program manager. Her accolades from creating and managing a highly revered program at NASA from other Government agencies and corporations are many.

Coach Tina prides herself on building relationships with coaches, both internally and externally, that enhance the coaching community for the coaches, clients, and the organization. She uses systems to facilitate the best coach-client matches that resulted in a 95% or better success rate in client connections that produced results.

Coach Tina is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has managed and trained Master coaches, individuals seeking to become coaches, and everything in between. Coach Tina truly gets excited, creating, preparing, and training coaches to elevate their skill set.

Coach Tina was given an award for participating in a program practice that significantly reduced the cost of coaching to the Center while serving more clients and boosting the coaching culture. This little known technique is powerful and cost-effective. The financial proof is in the bottom line, and the social proof improves and evolves as critical leadership embraces the system.

Lastly, Coach Tina's engineering background has elevated her problem-solving techniques, thus giving her an edge with her program manager skills in a soft skill community. Add her H.D. Doctor of Humanity and S.L.D. Doctor of Sacred Literature and the heart takes over when coaching and results are expected..


 Service #2

Speaker / Facilitator

Coach Tina has a signature talk entitled Accelerating Through Adversity. The Ten Step Process to Becoming the Ideal Employee that All Managers Want Working for Them. This talk helps individuals build themselves up to be their best self; thus, giving them the confidence to show up better on the job and play full out on the team. The talk puts the process in motion. The two-day workshop solidifies the movement, heightens awareness, and adds action steps for lasting results. The Accelerating Through Adversity workshop designed to stretch high potential leaders to build themselves up, so others are excited to follow.


Facilitation derived from the Latin word for easy, which is facilis. Therefore, it is easy to understand how the meaning of facilitation is “the act of making something easier.” There is an art to leading a group/team to an agreed conclusion, getting full participation, fostering innovation, and creativity, all while staying neutral. Coach Tina gets that job done.

Furthermore, effective facilitation uses just the right blend of hard skills and soft skills to enhance learning. Hard and soft skills are functions of different sides of the brain. Coach Tina equipped as her engineering background, allows her to function effectively with hard skills. Plus, she understands the challenges her peers (engineers and scientists) have with identifying and using soft skills to enhance themselves, their teams, and their projects. On the other hand, her extensive coaching background has been a springboard for her to flow with soft skills. Consequently, she knows how to help folks draw from within successfully to incorporate soft skills in their personal and professional life.


Service #3
Executive/Leadership Coach


Coaching is a distinctive dialogue that transforms your thinking and alters your actions. The process is thought-provoking, inspiring, and it maximizes personal and professional potential. These creative experiences and times of discovery heightened with a professional friend, a coach.

Coach Tina FJ has the skills, knowledge, and techniques required to assist clients in immersing themself in a discovery process to facilitate results. She is excellent in championing her clients to move up their success ladder. Plus, one on one coaching is where she excels.

Coach Tina works best with executives, thought leaders, and potential leaders committed to their personal development, yet desires a coach to work with them, hold them accountable and champion them to their finish line.

Coach Tina FJ despite her high-quality skillset and love of her craft, is not for every client, and that is okay. Sometimes a win-win is accepting without judgment not to enter into a coaching agreement. In fact, Coach Tina has the "Miracle on 34th Street," Kohls Santa's philosophy, that if she isn't the best fit, she will refer you elsewhere.


Service #4
Mentor Coach Services

Mentor Coaching

According to the International Coach Federation, "The ICF defines Mentor Coaching as providing professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency demanded by the desired credential level sought by a coach‐applicant (mentee).

Mentor coaching is a vital part of a coach's growth. The process designed to sharpen the coach's skills, empower them to stretch themselves and their clients, and to share wisdom.

What makes Coach Tina different when it comes to mentor coaching?

Coach Tina FJ has a knack for connecting quickly with her clients and building the relationships necessary to have the honest conversations essential to get the desired results. She draws upon her Maximizer, Relator, and Developer strengths to discern inner qualities to increase skills, establish the right connections, and with clarity so clients can take the best courses of action in their development.


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Dr. Willie Jolley
Author, Radio host, Motivational Speaker.

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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Executive Coach

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Crystal Khalil
1st Black Director for Porche.

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Certified Coaches From Across the US.


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What They Say About COACH TINA FJ 

K. Kephart, MO.

P. Alex

“I’m writing to express my thanks for Tina’s help as I design the General Services Administration’s internal coaching program. Tina and I have had several lengthy telephone conversations about NASA’s coaching program. She has offered advice and recommendations on what makes a successful government coaching program and how to avoid pitfalls in launching a new coaching program. I hope to continue to leverage her experience as GSA seeks to replicate NASA’s successful coaching program.“

C. Jerry, MD.

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