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We AIM intentional to EARN the right with our clients to speak into their ear. We desire to partner with them to empower their successes and gain their trust as we add value to their personal and professional journey.

Coach Tina FJ and her team are known to partner best with established professionals, entrepreneurs, and coaches driven to increase their authority and influence. The clients also desire to maximize their impact as they do what they love, do it faster, and strive to do it better.



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A Fresh Approach to Business from Home

The side hustle from home for many folks happened after they did their eight hours of work for someone else. It was the means for creating extra revenue for family expenses like a private school, vacations, investment monies, or making ends meet.

When I was growing up, I was in awe of my dad as he was a real live cobbler. He could actually make shoes. Making shoes took real talent, and we really don’t see that craft on display these days. Today the shoemaking magic happens in a big factory somewhere. After high school, my dad worked in a shoe shop for the minimum wage of $1.00 per hour back around 1957. He eventually got a teaching job in a junior high school (better known as Middle school these days); however, he kept his shoemaking/repair job as his side hustle. This side hustle would bring in the additional resources that helped my parents build a home from the ground up when I was a young child. That rancher is still standing today. My mom lives there.

Unfortunately, my dad went home to be with the Lord in 2012. My parents were married for over 54 years. I still remember my dad saying, “always have a side hustle.” In fact, just a few weeks before he transitioned, he sent me off to a speaking gig out of town. As you might imagine, I wanted to stay close to home as he was fighting an illness. He said, “girl go get that money and have them put your picture on the front of the book.” Who thought of putting your picture on the back of the book?” Thus my second book, “Foundations of a Profitable Business From Home,” was born with my picture on the front of the book in honor of my dad.

Side hustles have gone from part-time ventures for some to full times success entities. Unprecedented times have forced some and motivated others to control their family’s financial future seriously. Plus, today, we make a lot more than $1/hour. LOL Get excitement about your side hustle or full-time revenue generator, and allow me to assist you on that journey. Allow me to be the Coach In Your Ear and take AIM (Authority-Influence-Marketing) measures with you in your business to meet your goals, solve your issues and get the results you desire.


Under whose authority are you seeking to create a platform to multiply your message and have the impact you were born to have? Authority is such a big word. The word should always be written in all caps… AUTHORITY to make you stop and take notice. What is big in your life that makes folks stop and take notice? Allow us to empower you with the Read Up Jot Down™ system and other simple hacks that command attention.
system, and other simple hacks that command attention.


Do you desire to increase your influence? What path are you taking to be relevant, reachable and, remarkable? These are leadership characteristics that cause folks to cozy up and listen as you speak and follow as you lead. Do you desire to have an effect on the character, development, and behaviors of others? We have systems that help you to crush, increasing your influence fast.


Do you desire to discover the secrets of marketing success with our partners that are business game-changers? You are in the business of promoting products and services, correct? Picture this; you have a product and service in place. You have a tribe that desires to grab and digest all you have to offer; yet, you have a revenue shortage. Actually, you do not have a revenue problem; you have a marketing problem. We are available to assist.

Tina Frizzell Jenkins

About Coach Tina FJ

I am grateful to be an engineer and a certified coach. I retired from NASA with 31 years of service. That was not always been my story. I recall my struggles that began back in elementary school. I literally struggle really hard during my school days. In grade school, it was a real struggle. I had difficulty reading and reasoning. They sent me to the speech therapist and reading counselors, and they couldn’t put their finger on what the issues were, so even by the time I was ready to graduate elementary school, I still could barely read.


We Offer


Coach Tina FJ and her team-best partner with established professionals, entrepreneurs, and coaches driven to increase their authority and influence to maximize their impact as they do what they love and seek to do it better.


The root word of authority is author; thus, we partner with you to get your expertise in a book that instantaneously gives power to the person (now author) on their playground or platform. Somebody should be Getting Excited!


We pride ourselves on empowering, educating, and equipping our clients using tools, templates, and systems to increase results, confidence, and networks using customized training, coaching, and mastermind groups.


Raving Reviews

P. Alex


I’m writing to express my thanks for Tina’s help as I design the General Services Administration’s internal coaching program.  Tina and I have had several lengthy telephone conversations about NASA’s coaching program. She has offered advice and recommendations on what makes a successful government coaching program and how to avoid pitfalls in launching a new coaching program. I hope to continue to leverage her experience as GSA seeks to replicate NASA’s successful coaching program.



As an entrepreneur, I am interested in and excited about several different business areas and I wanted to excel in all of them. I put forth effort to accomplish my goals but found that I fell short every time and did not excel at any of them. I enrolled in the Accelerating Through Adversity Master Class. I sounded like a great idea, but I was a little skeptical that it would work for me. I even tried to quit but Coach Tina wouldn’t let me.  I could tell it was working for others in our class, but I figured I was too busy to put the systems into practice. Then in one session the information caused the light to come on for me and I was set free from my issues. I got to talk through, think through, and collaborate with Coach Tine until I realized that the answer was right before me. After studying and putting in to practice the techniques of Accelerating through Adversity I am now more peaceful and able to concentrate on the area that I am most passionate about and am not distracted by all the other things I wanted to do. My income opportunities are starting to increase. I would recommend this Master Class to those who know the value of having a mentor to accelerate your success and a coach & team to motivate & inspire your progress.

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